British Interior Designer Association

The British Interior Design Association (BIDA) was formed in 2002 through the amalgamation of the highly respected Interior Decorators & Designers Association which was originally started in 1966 and the globally recognised International Interior Design Association (UK Chapter). This newly emerged organisation continually promotes high standards throughout the profession of interior designing, encouraging and fostering proven design ability. The BIDA is an Associate Member of IFI, the International Federation of Interior Architects & Designers.

The British Interior Design Association’s main purpose is to promote and support the interior design and decorating professions. The BIDA is committed to the advancement of the professional practice of interior design and to the creation of a comprehensive vision for the design challenges of the future.image

The BIDA aspires to:

• Gain high standards of design and increase public awareness of the importance of good design in all aspects of daily life including houses, public buildings etc.

• Emphasise the environmental and aesthetic implications of design and the processes involved.

• Encourage excellence within design through education, further training and continuing professional development of individual interior designers.

• Support the mentoring of students and new designers in order to create a solid foundation for the future strength of the profession. Also in the case of training professionals.

• Encourage the commitment of members to make interior design more easily accessible to the general public at large by participating in voluntary community programmes.

• Continually having open debates with other professional institutions and governing bodies involved in the interior design industry, nationally and internationally.

• Helping with the registration of all practising interior designers, working independently or for a firm.

Design Council

The Design Council was first formed around 1944 as the "Council of Industrial Design" by a gent called Hugh Dalton, the President of the Board of Trade in a British government still in the throes of the Second World War. Its main objective was to promote by all practicable means the improvement of design in the products of British industry. Today, it provides "online knowledge and other design resources" and "a series of projects that see designers and other experts working directly with selected businesses, schools and public services and organizations to integrate design thinking and methods thoroughly into their strategies and systems".Design Council Logo