A floor plan is similar to a blue print in the way that it shows all walls, doors, electrical sockets, furniture and anything else that will be placed in the room once completed. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the plan is drawn to scale but helps with later planning if you have an idea of the different sizes of things in the room being planned. It is especially important to have the floor plan to scale if you are going to have a professional interior designer complete the work for you as they will need accurate measurements of everything to plan correctly.Design Council Logo

You will need to measure all areas in your room you are planning including wall length, window measurements, where exactly along the walls the electrical sockets are, also where any phone lines are placed and you will need to measure the space where the doors are and mark it all to scale making sure you use the right scale.

When you have all the measurements you need you need to draw up a more detailed drawing with all the measurements marked on the drawing so it is ready for the designer to take your measurements and create their own plan it is also an idea to keep photo copies of your drawing so if you make any mistakes on the basic then you don’t have to draw the basic plan out again. Many of these kinds of drawings are now done on computers so are much easier to put in measurements and things like that.

It is so much cheaper to draw up your own floor plans than to have someone draw them for you as well which can be very costly, plus this way you can draw the plans out exactly how you want the room to be, some people that have a slight bit more experience in the area can draw the plans for their entire house if building a new one from scratch but with these kind of plans you need to be sure the measurements are exact.Design Council Logo

There are some things you will need to take into consideration when drawing plans for your entire house that you wouldn’t have to for a basic room plan including the different things you will have to measure and plan out when drawing a plan for your custom built home, the tools you will require to do this include:

- T-square – this is a technical drawing tool that helps draw horizontal to vertical lines accurately.

- Architects scale ruler – these are used to make sure your drawing is to the right scale, it varies how many different ratios it has on it if it has more than two then they are usually pyramid shaped and can have up to 6 different scales on.

- Paper – you will need paper to draw your original plan (blue print) on but instead of making alterations on the original you can then make copies to save you making mistakes on the original design sheet.